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The above charity is managed by a small group of local trustees. It is their duty to manage the charity’s assets and to distribute the income from those assets annually. In accordance with the original aims of the charity the income is to be used for three purposes: the Church, Advancement of Education and Relief in Need. It has been the practice of recent years for the trustees to issue grants to Middleton Church, St James School, students in secondary education, senior citizens and occasional individual cases of need. It has been decided, going forward, to raise the qualifying age for senior citizens to seventy.


The charity owns three small parcels of land, two of which are occasionally available by tender. If anyone is interested please enquire details from the secretary.


If you live in the Middleton on the Hill parish and feel you might qualify, please contact Mrs C Halls at Highlands 750257


Clare Halls

St Mary's Church, Middleton-on-the-Hill
St Mary's Church Middleton on the Hill.j

St Mary’s church is open for private prayer to all that would like to use it.
We are opening for 24 hours at a time, and then locking it up for 72 hours rather than doing a deep clean, which would be difficult.


The next day that St Mary’s is open is:

Friday morning 3rd July, from 10.30 am.

Thank you.