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  • The Sound and Texture of Silence - Celia Rees

  • Queen Ann's Lace - Robin Wilson

The Sound and Texture of Silence


In isolation…..


A smothering blanket of unreality
When nothing happens and nothing ever can


The soft footprints of Spring scenting the air 
Bringing a joy that trembles with new life

It can be…..

So heavy that it brings you your knees
A weight that cannot be but which must be borne

It can be…..

Light as the cumulus sailing the sky
Beneficent as sunlight on your face


Its leaden step makes one minute seem like five
Time stretched achingly on to infinity 


It skips and dances along the sunbeams
Bringing life with rays of eternity

It can be…..

Noisy with fractured thoughts chasing endlessly
A tangled, painful knot unrest and unease

It can be…..

Deep quiet buoyant with a trembling hope
Bearing us up everlasting love


It brings a tidal wave of grieving loss
Of family and friends I cannot see


It is that pregnant waiting silence
Which silent, breathes, I am here, I love you.

By Celia Rees

Queen Ann’s Lace

Queen Ann’s lace adorns the lanes
Virginal and bright
Like a delicate wedding veil
Translucent pure and white
Stitchwort or poor man’s button hole
Star studs the verge below
Like bugle beads on bridal gown
Under May blossom on hedgerow
It’s blooms cascade as garlands
A fine surmounting gem
As if worn by a May queen
Crowned with floral diadem
Then Campions in bridesmaid pink
Stand brightly in a row
The Oxeye Daisy a shower bouquet
Silver white as driven snow
Then lift the veil and there you’ll find
A Buttercup of shining gold
As precious as a wedding ring
They’re ours to have and hold


By Robin Wilson

Lace 3.jpg
Lace 1.jpg
The Old Orchard
Orchard 1.jpg

The Candle of Defiance


A parishioner in the Bartestree group of churches has made a candle stick for one of the churches there.

They are going to process it past all their churches on a Whitsun walk next Sunday to it’s home (socially distancing of course).

They have called it the candle of Defiance to demonstrate that we will not be beaten by this virus. It inspired me to the below (good for Pentecost next week)

The candle of defiance sets forth
From Easter to Pentecost
It a symbol of hope and endurance
Of a light that will not be lost
Like the light house it’s a beacon
To guide you and to protect
On the seas of life’s ups and downs
A state Nirvana to perfect
From alpha to omega 
From beginning to the end
A light that shines at christening
At your wedding and at the end
Reignited through resurrection
Through his passion it will burn
Unfaltering undaunted
From it’s presents we should learn
That light we can’t extinguish
Showing God and sprit omnipotent 
And that the bonds of death are broken
Through the son that he has sent
This flame of passion burns with defiance
Bold disobedience it displays
And it will never be extinguished
A symbol of love and peace always
It illuminates and disseminates
The light of the world who is the word
In tongues of fire and rushing wind of haven
At Pentecost seen and heard
Even on Whitsunday 
The light is not snuffed, there is no doubt
It is lit within the lanterns of your hearts
For you all to carry out
Defiantly and proudly you must uphold the light
And share it’s act of passion
In deeds of love and good and right


By RobinWilson

Love Lives Not Lost

Love it is eternal
It does not go away
Though the person we think of
May not be here today
Love live on in memory
As do those we love
Who are now, for ever and always
With the lord above
Thanks to him we knew them
And all the precious time we had
Through them we learn loves value
And for that we must be glad
Our lives are made much richer
By the gift that they bestow
A gift that shows us the way
And it’s onward we must go
The best tribute to a loved one
Is to show what that love can do
And share it now with others
So that they can know it too
Love it is eternal
A treasure death can not destroy
One given and received
That you must now deploy.


By RobinWilson

The old ladies of the orchard

Still put on their springtime gown

In Apple blossom pink

And pear in snowy down

Though just an abandoned corner

Of old fruit farm still they bloom

Amongst their fallen sisters

And mistletoe festoon

Proudly they show their finery

All a buzz with many bees

Forgotten now by people

But they still are living trees

Then blossoms blow from the bough

In late April early May

Drifts of confetti petals

As if on a wedding day

Then quietly through summer time

They go on to bear their prize

Their fruit that once was wanted

For cider or supplies

Still magnificent these once used trees

Though elderly they tell a tale

And every year they still are clothed

In their magnificent floral veil

By RobinWilson


Robin Peers of  Westhide

Pudleston Church.jpg

Pudleston Church

Sacred Stones

More than just a building
A monument to see
It Is our village church
It is our history
To some that’s unimportant
As is our village in their view
Not like a town or city
Of us there’s but a few
Those sacred stones for centuries
Absorbed devotion in our prayer
It is a solid reminder
That God’s still living there
Unaltered, ever present
In this fickle changing place
Comforting, it’s sanctuary
A space that’s full of grace
It’s a sacred peaceful setting
For all the sacramental gifts
On those days of celebrations
Our community it uplifts
A symbol of unity
For centuries it has stood
Despite new ideas
For the future still it should
Don’t abandon this sacred heart
And all it represents
It’s a transmitter and a temple
To a love that is immense


By RobinWilson

Underneath My Roof

Underneath my roof
Protection it is found
Some where warm and dry,called home,
it’s a place of neutral ground
Where all guests are welcome
To shelter from the world
Where joys and woes of the day
With love can be unfurled
The door is always open
To the passer by
Inside the hand of friendship given
There refreshment I supply 
Nestled underneath my eves 
The swallow makes its nest
The sparrows and the blue tits
In a crevice find their rest
The mouse that’s in the wainscot
Is given room to stay
As every single precious life 
Has a part to play
Aloft inside the building 
The spider spins her web
As the seasons all run by
Time out spun will flow and ebb
Solid and safe are my walls 
Their foundations built on stone
My house has been here centuries
And many people it has known
Always there for when you need it
Although it requires love and care
That love provides all maintenance 
That through my house that love I share


By RobinWilson

Sacred Stones
Candle of Defiance
The Old Orchard
Love lives not lost
Underneath My Roof

Give and Give

Give and give with good grace
Of the gifts you can bestow
Share your skills and talents
And to others love you’ll show
The gifts you have to offer
Give them wholeheartedly
Surrendered without love
It means nothing don’t you see
Gifts are more than money
That is the cheapest to bequest
The truest ever present
Is from within that is the best
It is the effort that you go to
It is the extra mile
The support of another
That from darkness brings a smile
Give and give generously
Spare some one time out of your day
Do something kind for another
Just go a little out your way
Think of your community
Can you do a bit of good?
If it’s within your power
Do you think you could?
We all have something we can offer
Give the gift of love and care
It brings treasure more than gold
It brings a richness beyond compare.


By RobinWilson

Give and Give
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