If you were there on Good Friday

As if you can’t believe it’s happening

Silent slow motion and alone

Sounds becomes a blur

There in front, a man to me who’s known


As if there is no crowd at all

It’s only him and me

He bearing that heavy load

The cross to Calvary


How strange I feel nothing

Almost numb with unbelief

That such a kind and gentle man

Should be punished like a thief


I stand there feeling powerless

Against this situation paralysed

But then he turned and looked at me

And I saw it in his eyes


There was fear and pain in that glance

But also reassurance that it’s alright

That hope would come from trouble

That somehow he’d still lead me to the light


Pull yourself together I thought

He’s only human, he’s just a man

How could he make me feel safe

I don’t know how, but I just know he did and can


They nailed him to that heavy burden

It seemed as if he’d carried mine as well

I watched as he cried out

And saw his sweet head as it fell


They said he was a Messiah

A saviour to us all

But now he’s taken from us

Even the greatest of us fall


How wrong was I, not to trust

The promise in his look

And to think that he was ordinary

That, I sorely had mistook


For they said there was a miracle

After he was three days dead and gone

No longer in the tomb

His story carries on


Instead he was standing there

In a garden, plain as day

In my heart I knew that there was something

Of this man, that they would not take away


There was a promise, a defiance

In that look he gave to me

That he would always be there

If I would care to see


And if ever I should call on him

In trouble or in joy

He would open up his kingdom

That no man could ‘ere destroy


These were my overwhelming feelings

You maybe think I’m mad

But to say that I know him

Is a thing that makes me glad.


By Robin

Palm Sunday bandw.png

The Palm Cross

It’s more than just a folded leaf

A Cross fashioned from a palm

It is a gift of great importance

Not just a tradition, a thing of charm

It appears to be so simple

But when you look there’s the mystery

Of why this frond was formed

Into a hand sized cross for me

A palm to wave for victory

Marking triumph to the crowd

Majesty of a conquering King

Hosanna they shout aloud

It is a symbol of salvation

Laid down at the saviour’s feet

Also a reminder of his fate

That he still had yet to meet

He laid down his precious life

Like the palms that lined his way

His victory was on that cross

Our salvation’s price he’d pay

The mystery folded in that cross

Is there and on display

That he is the truth and light

And his it is the way

Christ has died Christ is risen

Christ will come again for me

Hope folded from a palm leaf

It is a reminder plain to see

By Robin

The Way of the Cross

Torture, humiliation, pain and loss
All on the journey to the cross
Crown of thorns for Redeemer King
Denied life, condemned to suffering
Nailed to suffocate on the tree
Wounded side for all to see
Before the end of deaths domain
Seven words in ether remain
Forgiveness shown, salvations gain
Relationships will share the pain
Abandonment the question why
Distress “I thirst” before time to die
Then triumph with his task achieved 
Fulfilled the scriptures he now relieved 
Spirit committed into the father’s hand
Reunion which the lord had planned
Then three days on beyond the grave
The light that resurrection gave
Think of all that he endured
Through his redeeming love be reassured

So, when in life you think you’re beat
The way, the truth, and life, he will defeat
The troubles in your way


By Robin


Hope in a Doorway

When all the options round you

Seem closed and cold and dead

Knock and it shall be open unto you

Are the words ringing in my head

Ask and it shall be given

Seek and ye shall find

If you look you’ll see the doorway

What wonders are behind

Take refuge in the porch way

Calm yourself then gently knock

Ask and the closed door

To you it will unlock

Seek the things that lie beyond

They’re there within your sight

The straight gate and narrow way

Lead on to life and light

The door ahead may seem closed

In heart and mind the key

By opening them to request

The door will open up you see.



Matthew 7.7

If  There Was No Resurrection?

What if there was no resurrection?
When Easter tide it came
There’d be no release from human suffering
There’d be no release from pain
Souls condemned to purgatory
And life a living hell
No comfort from our loving lord
Abandoned by God as well
No one to turn to for release
In the hour of need
No one to give you hope
And to our prayers take heed
What emptiness would we face?
Desolation in our heart
Without the lord, our saviour
To play his vital part
It would be like a betrayal
The loss of a dear friend
The feeling of such grief
A pain that would never end
No unfaltering stability
Of a beacon that brightly shone
The way the truth the light
All, it would be gone
The gates of heaven firmly closed
No forgiveness for our sin
No place in our hearts
To let the word, the spirit in
There’d be no communion to remind us
Of his sacrifice
That for us he hung and suffered
And on the cross, he paid the price
Salvation would be left in the dark
Misdemeanours left unatoned
Humanity left in disgrace
By heaven we’d be disowned
Thank God he gave to us his son
Thank God for his resurrection
Thank God for the opportunity
To give our lives purpose and direction.

Robin Wilson

Thomas’ Communion

Reminding of the last supper
And the communion that he gave
Before the crucifixion
Before conquering the grave
We do this in remembrance
As often as we drink
Of his perfect sacrifice
Is what it makes us think
With thanks to God
He gave the cup
Saying Drink this all of you
For the forgiveness of all sins
Promised to the many not just the few
It is a symbol of his offering
His resurrection and ascension
And the coming of his kingdom
A memorial for our minds retention
These holy gifts of bread and wine
By your spirit we are renewed
Inspired with your love
Through Jesus Christ our praises are construed
When we can’t make that memorial
Doubting Thomas is the key
Have you believe because you’ve touched
Like him do you have to see?
Blessed are those who have not seen
Or in this case broken bread
Yet they have come to believe
Because they trust in faith instead!


By Robin

3  In  One

People tell you the Trinity is hard to understand
Not if you think of  3-in-one the oil in a can
Father, Son and Holy Ghost - the same properties apply
Preventing rust and cleaning and lubricates the dry
They too are multi-purpose reaching parts that you cannot!
A toolkit in a can in each case is what you’ve got
The Father sorts corrosion to the heart and soul
And Son gives out his message, internal cleaning is his goal
Now the Spirit, it will penetrate and work on the unseen
And ease the parts that seize up in the big machine
So when oiling your bike chain, reaching for the 3-in-one
When all is working nicely and your maintenance is done
You accept this oil is wonderful - a miracle in a can!
The same is true of the Holy Ghost, the Father, and the Son of man

Robin Wilson

Ash Wednesday’s Cross

Remember that you are dust 
And to dust you shall return
From Ash Wednesday’s cross
Humility and repentance, we must learn
A visible sign of penance worn 
For our failings and our sins
Fasting, asking for forgiveness
As Lenten time begins
Cleansing hearts for Easter’s gift 
The Lord for our sins he will atone
With his life upon the cross 
The price he paid his own
This cross of ash on forehead worn
Our Mortality it states 
But gives hope for everlasting life
As Jesus opened heavens gates
This badge, this cross, this symbol
Reminds too of baptismal day
When Christ claimed us for his own
Banishing darkness far away
This mark of ash, water or confirmation oil 
Mark’s deeper than on the skin
It says I am his and Christ is mine 
Showing the cross that’s held within


Robin Wilson