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Gardening - July 2020

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What to do in the garden in July by Tamsin Westhorpe

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  • In February, my book Diary of a Modern Country Gardener was published by Orphans Publishing in Leominster. It follows my day to day journey as I garden at Stockton Bury. Some have said it’s a little like Bridget Jones goes gardening!

  • Joking aside though, it has been so useful to me to be able to look back at the previous year. Just to give you a flavour of July, I’m sharing a quote from my introduction to the month:

    "It might seem early, but July is the start of the harvest in the countryside. This month is a parcel of happy memories for me. School is out and I’m free to roam!"


  • Water your pots in the morning or evening. Make sure that you water tomatoes regularly to prevent the fruits from splitting. 

  • Please don’t water your lawn – it will recover. Hold off with the hose.

  • Pick your courgettes otherwise they will turn into marrows. Mind you, I do like a marrow. 

  • If the weather is hot, raise the height of cut on your mower. Mow in a different direction with each cut. 

  • Stay on top of dead heading. This will encourage a second flush of flowers.

  • Pick your herbs. Harvesting herbs is good for the plant and will add a bit of sparkle to your cooking. 

  • Jazz up your summer drinks by dropping a Borage flower into an ice cube tray. Fill with water and freeze. 

  • Now that the first flowers of your Lupins are over and probably covered in greenfly, cut back the faded flowers and all being well, you’ll get a second flower.

  • If your Aquilegias are covered in mildew and now faded – cut them right back to the ground. This will encourage fresh, healthier looking foliage. 

  • Keeps sowing radish and lettuce for summer salads. 

  • Cleaning bird baths is vital – keep them topped up with fresh water. 

  • Continue to pull weeds before they get a chance to set seed. 

  • Play garden games with the family and create some memories

3rd June 2020 - Message from Stockton Bury Gardens

We have decided not to open the garden at this current time and would be grateful if you could inform friends who might be planning to visit us, as we would hate them to have a wasted journey!


For updates follow @tamsinwesthorpe on twitter or Instagram, or see our official website


Thank you.


All at Stockton Bury Gardens

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