Gardening - August 2020

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What to do in the garden in August by Tamsin Westhorpe

  • Gosh it’s been hot. Not only are the plants flagging but I am as well. Fortunately this is the month that you can sit back in a recliner or swing from a hammock in the tree and admire our work. At Stockton Bury we have been collecting seed to sow next spring, picking plums, watering our container plants and deadheading perennials. All this with the hum of the combine in the background.

  • My advice would be to enjoy this time and encourage any children in your life to explore the garden. Get them pressing flowers, collecting seed and trying to spot as many different butterflies as they can. The garden is mature, ripe and relaxed and we should celebrate this.


  • A reminder for all those looking ahead to spring - send off for a bulb catalogue and start ordering your spring flowering bulbs.

13th August 2020 - Message from Stockton Bury Gardens

We have decided to keep the garden closed for 2020 but we have been busy working on new and exciting features that we can’t wait to share with you in spring 2021!


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Thank you.


All at Stockton Bury Gardens


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