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Dabblers Online Challenge - May 2020


This month’s art challenge is FRAMED CREATIONS.

Either choose something flattish to draw from reality, or use a picture from a book or magazine, photographs, a letter, wallpaper or a greetings card.

The plan is to make a frame and select part of the picture to draw.

The frame:


If you would like to send in any paintings or drawings for the website, please send your images via email to: editor@easternparishes.org

Cut two smallish ‘L’ shapes out of card (about 4” long). Use these to make a square or rectangle to frame part of a picture you like.

Frame 2.png

The section you choose may be almost unrecognisable as part of the original picture.

Copy it the same size – or larger if you choose. How to complete the drawing is up to you – perhaps with paint, coloured pencils, felt pens, or ink.

Alternatively you may choose to cut a simple shape from card to frame your chosen subject as shown below.

Frame 3.jpg

Enjoy the challenge and please let us know how you get on with it.

Heather Shield

Dabblers Lockdown Challenge 


This session, for members of Dabblers art group, and anyone else who might fancy a go, looks at Zen Doodling!
This takes the notion of mindless doodling and develops it further to create intricate patterns. 
The process is slow, absorbing and can promote mindfulness and calm.
You need suitable paper (depending on what equipment you are going to use), pencil, ruler, eraser and a fine black pen. 
You may choose to add crayon, felt pens or watercolour paint after your first Zen Doodle.
It may help to have some examples of patterns to hand…
^^^^^^^^ ********@@@@@@<<<<<<<<{{{{{{{{{{{{
























 (There are plenty of ideas online)

Dabblers 1.png
Dabblers 2.png

1)    Draw a square – not too big unless you want your  Zen Doodle to take days to complete.

2)    With pencil you draw your initial shape.


A good starting point is to take your pencil for a walk round the square.

Dabblers 4.png

5)    Now, with your black pen, start to create patterns within each section.


Take your time and relax into it.

Dabblers 6.png

Perhaps some colour might be fun…

 3)    Go over your pencil line with black ink.

 4)    You may choose to sub-divide the lines to make the individual sections smaller.


You may want to create something more realistic or symbolic.

Start from the shape of your dog, a flower, a cup and saucer, you choose.

Keep the outline simple then decorate it.

Dabblers 7.png

Please let me know how you get on with this Dabblers Lockdown Challenge!


Thank you, Heather