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Joint Council pack for PCC's

APCM and the Joint Council: Guidance for PCCs

Dear Churchwardens, Treasurers and Secretaries

We have tried to pull together in one document all the mandatory steps required at the APCMs for the establishment of the Joint    Council, as this is necessarily a legalistic process that we have to follow. Apologies as the obvious is stated in places.

  • Attached is an information sheet on the Joint Council to share as required with the PCC and parish.

  • Attached is the Joint Council Scheme

  • Attached is a nomination form for anyone on the PCC who wishes to stand for election as the Joint Council representative for your parish. The election is to be held at the APCM. One representative per parish.

  • The motion to be voted on is:


‘Proposal: It is proposed that the PCC enter into a Scheme to become members of a new Joint Council for the Rectoral Benefice of Leominster in accordance with the attached draft.’

  • Only those on the electoral roll may vote – this will need to be checked. The numbers attending, and the numbers for and against approval need to be recorded on the attached sheet. The parish name must be the legal name, and the Chair of the APCM must sign that the information is correct.

  • For the proposal to be carried, a two thirds majority is needed.

  • A representative of the Joint Council Working Group will attend your APCM, so please give them the signed document – a copy will be returned to you (the originals need to go to the Bishop’s Council)

  • The way the Team costs have been distributed in the past is lost in the mists of time Attached is the proposed alternative, for the Joint Council to confirm. The amounts have been calculated by assigning the Priory 50% of the costs, then the rest are proportional to an average of the electoral roll and population, with a little tweaking where this has increased the cost to a parish disproportionately.

  • The legal names of all the parishes in the Team are attached.


If you have any queries, please contact Ceri Hibbert, 07867 853671. I may not know the answer, but I will find out.

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