Two books of Robin Wilson's poems for sale to raise funds for Pudleston Church

Dear All,

The Pudleston Poet has ploughed through his plethora of poems and produced two printed periodicals for sale at £9.50 each volume, with approx 130 poems in each book.

Having sent one of his poems to HM The Queen following the death of HRH Prince Philip, he has now received an acknowledgement of thanks from Windsor Castle stating that Her Majesty was grateful for the poem.  So I suggest you snap them up before the next Poet Laureate is announced and I double the price!

All profits from the sale of these books will be donated to Pudleston Church.

Volume 1 Dedication, written through the course of 2018, these poems show dedication from love to having fun or just plain duty and devotion.

Volume 2 Woven Words, written during 2019 and inspired by friends old and new, as the title suggests this volume makes up part of the fabric of life’s rich tapestry with added humour in places!

With thanks in advance for your order.


(Sales Manager)

Robins book covers.jpg