World Day of Prayer Service
Advance Information from the Leominster Team Ministry

The service will be available on YouTube at the following link from March 5th onwards


There is also going to be an interactive version available on the LBC website through the following link

The interactive service will be available from 1.30pm on March 5th, with the opportunity to chat on a message platform for half an hour before the service, which will then automatically run from 2pm.


After the service (which is just over 50 minutes long), there will be another half hour available for chatting. This is a format that we use each week with our Sunday services. It is great to be in touch with others, know that we are watching at the same time and have the opportunity to share thoughts afterwards. 


Because of the format and the way that the service has been put together, a service sheet is not needed (all the responses are captioned and the words for the hymns appear on the screen) - I do, however, have a few service sheets still available if you or someone you know would like one. We can also make DVD copies of the service available for those who don't have access to the internet.


Once again, thank you so much for your involvement and support.

Leominster Team Ministry