Bockleton 100 Club

Updated 6th March 2021

Peter Slater has moved to a village near Bridgnorth, so has given up running the Bockleton 100 Club.

I am holding the fort for the moment but will be handing over to Peter Lomas shortly.

It is not too late to join the 100 Club – nor do you have to live in Bockleton.  More members are always welcome with a chance to win one of two prizes of £50 every month. 

For further details contact Peter Lomas, whose details will be included shortly. Thank you all again.

Rosemary Coupe

2021 Winners

January Number 22 Lynne Gore and number 68 Chris Bemand


February Number 34 Jim and Lyn Allen and number 27 Jacky Barton-Jenkins

March Number 55 Rosie Ayers and Number 74 Rose Garrod-Walters

Congratulations to you all.  Enjoy your winnings!


2020 Winners (August - December)

The winners of the August draw were P. Groves – number 8 and Wendy Garrod – number 18.


The winners of the September draw were Bruce Davonport – number 9 and Liz Preece – number 31.


The winners of the November draw were D. Mace – number 101 and Bruce Davonport – number 9.


The winners of the December draw were P. Audsley – number 44 and P. Tyler – number 80.