Hamnish and Kimbolton 100 Club

Updated 1st March 2021

Congratulations to Margaret Morris our October winner and Ken Eastman our November winner, and once again thanks to everyone who takes part in supporting our churches in this difficult time. 


Congratulations to Sarah Keeley our December winner.


We are still waiting for more people before we start 2021, as it's been hard to get the message about.

As we had no services for months, and now a limited number of services together with little fund raising, we are struggling to maintain our little church, so if anyone would like to make a donation - every bit helps.

Please send your donations to Des Hall, Church Warden, made payable to Hamnish Church. Please contact me for the address to send donations to. Thank you.

If anyone needs anything, contact me on 07895 433666 and keep safe.

Cheers Des

Previous 2020 Results

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February     Arnold Moore
March          Peter Guest
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May             Freda Dimarco
June             Valerie Hicks
July             Roberta Hodnett

August         Clifford Price

September   John Watkins