April & early May Services 


18th April - 3rd Sunday of Easter

9.15am St Mary's, Humber

11.15am St Dubricius, Hamnish

25th April - 4th Sunday of Easter

9.15am St Leonard's, Hatfield

10am St Andrew's, Leysters

11.15am St Mary the Virgin, Hope

2nd May - 5th Sunday of Easter

9.15am St Peter's, Pudleston

9.30am St Mary's, Humber

11.15am St Dubricius, Hamnish

Photograph Robert Walker

All Eastern Group Church Services are cancelled from 7th January

Stained Glass Window

at St James the Great Church, Kimbolton

Photograph Robert Walker

The Leominster Eastern Parishes,
Herefordshire, England

Kimbolton with Hamnish, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Leysters & Bockleton, Pudleston, Hatfield, Docklow, Humber, Stoke Prior, Ford and Hope-under-Dinmore















Commemoration Service held on 16th April in honour

of Prince Philip at St Peter's Church, Pudleston 


3rd Sunday of Easter on 18th April

9.15am at St Mary's, Humber

11.15am at St Dubricius, Hamnish

Next pre-recorded Sunday Service from Priory

- 18th April from 8am

Stockton Bury Gardens

Garden Open, Outdoor Seating & Takeaway Meals

New website address for Leominster Food Bank

Upcoming Events at the Priory

Weekly Zoom Sunday Services

Altar at the Commemoration Service in honour of Prince Philip at

St Peter's Church, Pudleston 

Photograph Robin Wilson

Church Locations

The Villages

Stoke Prior

The Churches

St James the Great
The Church of St Dubricius
St Mary’s
St Andrew’s
The Church of St Michael
St Peter’s
St Leonard’s
St Bartholemew’s
St Mary the Virgin
St Luke’s
St John of Jerusalem
St Mary the Virgin

The map shows the location of the churches within the Leominster Eastern Parishes and all the villages that are now part of our extended community.

Contact Information - Editor

If you would like to send in any messages or information for the community, drawings, paintings, articles, photographs, poems, thoughts or ideas, 

please contact the Editor



Contact Information for
Rev'd Rufus Noy

Landline: 01568 369307

Mobile:  07534 608105 

Email: reverend.noy@gmail.com            

WhatsApp: East of Leominster

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sunday service from The priory

18th April 2021

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