Welcome to the Leominster Eastern Parishes

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Kimbolton with Hamnish, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Leysters & Bockleton, Pudleston, Hatfield, Docklow, Humber, Stoke Prior, Ford and Hope-under-Dinmore

June, July & August Church Services and Events

Tuesday mornings Holy Communion 9.30am at Hennor

Thursday mornings Morning Prayer 8.30am at Hamnish


Sunday 26th June - Trinity II

9.30am Eucharist - St Mary's Church, Humber

10.00am Eucharist, St Dubricius Church, Hamnish

11.15am Eucharist - St Mary's, Hope-under-Dinmore

Sunday 3rd July - Trinity III

9.30am Patronal Eucharist - St Peter's, Pudleston

10.00am Holy Communion St Mary's Church, Middleton

11.15am Eucharist - St John of Jerusalem, Ford

Sunday 10th July - Trinity IV

9.30am Morning Prayer - St Mary's Church, Humber

10.00am Holy Communion St Andrew's Church, Leysters

11.15am Eucharist - St Leonard's Church, Hatfield

Sunday 17th July

10.00am Holy Communion St Michael's Church, Bockleton

Tuesday 19th July

1.30pm Kimbolton School Leavers Service, Kimbolton

7.00pm The Rev'd Mark Long to be licensed at the Priory 

Sunday 24th July

Pilgrimage for St James the Great's Saints Day.

Leaving the Priory and the Eastern Parishes to Kimbolton

Tea at 4pm followed by the Holy Eucharist Service 4.30pm

Sunday 31st July

10.00am Holy Communion - St Dubricius Church, Hamnish

Sunday 7th August

10.00am Morning Prayer - St Andrew's Church, Leysters

Sunday 14th August

10.00am Patronal Eucharist - St Mary's Church, Middleton

Sunday 21st August

10.00am Holy Communion, St Michael's Church, Bockleton

Sunday 28th August

10.00am Morning Prayer, St James the Great, Kimbolton

Events at Hereford Cathedral

Church Locations

The Villages

Stoke Prior

The Churches

St James the Great
The Church of St Dubricius
St Mary’s
St Andrew’s
The Church of St Michael
St Peter’s
St Leonard’s
St Bartholemew’s
St Mary the Virgin
St Luke’s
St John of Jerusalem
St Mary the Virgin

The map shows the location of the churches within the Leominster Eastern Parishes and all the villages that are now part of our extended community.

The Leominster Eastern Parishes,
Herefordshire, England