Welcome to the Leominster Eastern Parishes

 Epiphany window of The Magi

St Dubricius Church, Hamnish 

Photograph Robert Walker

All Eastern Group Church Services are cancelled from 7th January

Hamnish Magi.jpg

Stained Glass Window 

Photograph Joyce

Advent, St Peter's Church, Pudleston

Photograph Robin Wilson

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If you would like to send in any messages or information for the community, drawings, paintings, articles, photographs, poems, thoughts & ideas, or have any suggestions, please contact Diane, Editor on:


Rev'd Rufus Noy

Landline: 01568 369307

Mobile:  07534 608105 

Email: reverend.noy@gmail.com            

WhatsApp: East of Leominster

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The Leominster Eastern Parishes,
Herefordshire, England

Kimbolton with Hamnish, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Leysters & Bockleton, Pudleston, Hatfield, Docklow, Humber, Stoke Prior, Ford and Hope-under-Dinmore

When the Rev'd Rufus Noy, our Team Vicar joined us last year, two groups of churches amalgamated creating the Leominster Eastern Parishes - part of The Leominster Ministry.

Cancellation of all Eastern Group Church Services

from 7th January 2021

(See Latest Posts for further information)


Suspension of Services at Leominster Priory for the next 4 weeks

(See Latest Posts for further information)

Pre-recorded Sunday Service from Priory

- 17th January from 8am

Latest Posts

16 January Sunday Service from the Priory - 17th January, from 8am

16 January Readings & Prayers - 17th January 2021 - Celia Rees

08 January Suspension of all Eastern Group Church Services - Joyce Marston

08 January Suspension of Services at Leominster Priory - Rev'd Rufus Noy

02 January Epiphany window of The Magi, St Dubricius, Hamnish - Rob Walker

22 December Christmas Message from the Rev'd Rufus Noy

04 December Farmers' Market in Leominster - 12th December - Russell 

04 December Life & Learning @ Ludlow - Introducing the 2021 Programme

29 November  Church Services up to 31st January 2021

07 November  National Call to Prayer - Rev'd Rufus Noy

25 October  Fireworks update from British Horse Society and RSPCA

14 October  Good Book Pop Up Shop at Duke of York, Leysters

14 October  Dabblers Art Challenge - October - Heather Shield

1 October    Welcome to new Advertiser : Chris Evans- Grafted Apple Trees

29 September  Parish Magazine Update

19 September  * * * Important: Claire's Sponsorship for Ultramarathon Challenge

12 September  Dabblers Art Challenge - September - Heather Shield

11 September  Harvest Service at St Peter's Pudleston at 10am on the 20th September

6 September  Mike's leaving service will be live-streamed from the Priory

29 August  Give and Give Poem - Robin Wilson

19 August  Worship Pattern for Services, dates, times and churches to 22nd November

14 August  Underneath My Roof  Poem - Robin Wilson

1August  What to do in the garden in August - Tamsin Westhorpe

13 August  Dabblers Art Challenge - August - Heather Shield

17 July     2020 Organic Hay for Sale. 200 bales available, suitable for horses

17 July     Love Lifes Not Lost Poem - Robin Wilson

15 July     News from Kimbolton WI - Rachel Palmer

14 July     Hamnish and Kimbolton 100 Club, August & September - Des Hall

14 July     A Knitted Nurse pattern from The Woolpack - Heather Shield

11 July     Bockleton Challenge Weekend & Claire's Challenge - Rosemary Coupe

10 July     Appeal for more plants - Susie Woods

7 July       Dabblers Art Challenge - July - Heather Shield

2 July       St Mary's Church, Middleton-on-the-Hill - OPEN for private prayer

1 July       What to do in the garden in July - Tamsin Westhorpe

30 June    Return to Worship in the Eastern Parishes

30 June    Worship Pattern for Services, dates, times and churches

30 June    If There Was No Resurrection? Poem – Robin Wilson

25 June    Church of St Andrew, Leysters - OPEN

18 June    Annual Plant Sale - Jams & Chutneys available - Susie Woods

16 June    Dabblers Lockdown Art Challenge - June 2020 - Heather Shield

15 June    Annual Plant Sale - Thank You to Susie - Judith Rollings

10 June   Woolpack Note: Request from Chris Bemand - Heather Shield

5 June     3-In-One Poem about the Trinity - Robin Wilson

4 June     Information about the next issue of the Parish Magazine

4 June     Message from Stockton Bury Gardens

4 June     Update on Yoga classes at Kimbolton Village Hall

3 June     What to do in the garden in June - Tamsin Westhorpe

2 June     Marsh Iris & Stockton Bury flower photographs - this page

2 June     Reminder about entries for the 'Creation in Isolation' Exhibition

1 June      Hampton Ward - Contact details of new Covid-19 Link Worker
27 May    Talk Community Covid-19 Response - Hampton Ward Handover
26 May    Sacred Stones & Candle of Defiance Poems – Robin Wilson
22 May    Queen Ann’s Lace Poem – Robin Wilson
19 May    Garden photos, Wild-life Pond and Poppies – Pauline & Martin Rees
13 May    Walk around my Garden – Sharon Jameson
12 May    Bockleton WI Update – Caroline Proctor
10 May    Gardening item - an unusual Honesty – Rowena Gale
09 May    Dabblers Online Challenge – Framed Creations - Heather Shield
08 May    VE Day video Pudleston 1945 – 2020 – Simon Webb
08 May    Hamnish Gardening Club Article – Rowena Gale
07 May    Knitted Hearts Squares with The Woolpack – Heather Shield
05 May    The history of the Church of St. Mary, Humber – Joyce Marston
05 May    Talk Community Covid-19 Response – Volunteers - Beth Lewis
04 May    Talk Community Covid-19 Response – Latest info – Beth Lewis
03 May    Blooms in my Leominster Garden – Wendy Pridie, Chair HGC

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sunday service from The priory

3rd january 2021

Stockton Bury Gardens.

Photograph Tamsin Westhorpe





About our local churches

St John of Jerusalem, Ford

Church of St Mary, Humber

People of our Parish

Ellen Yeld MBE

Thomas Carwardine

Interest Groups

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Drawing & Painting


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Stations of the Cross

A contemporary and very moving ‘Stations of the Cross for our Time’ and trail around the churches of our parishes


A poster for the Creation in Isolation Exhibition


On the theme of Easter

Palm Cross

How to make a Palm Cross

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Church Locations

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The Churches

St James the Great
The Church of St Dubricius
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St Mary the Virgin
St Luke’s
St John of Jerusalem
St Mary the Virgin

The map shows the location of the churches within the Leominster Eastern Parishes, which are East of the A49.


By linking up the churches these form the letter 'E' shown by the red lines on the map.

The map below shows all the villages that are now part of our extended community.


The Eastern Parishes website is brought to you by Joyce, Robin, Rufus, Liz & Dai, Angus & Diane.


This website was first created in April 2020 in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Our belief was that an umbrella website for all the Parishes to distribute information was essential at this time.

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